CHRONOLOGY The Game Where You Make History

Think you know which came first – the invention of mayonnaise or decaffeinated coffee? Lincoln’s Gettysburg address or John Deere’s first plow? Test your knowledge with Chronology by Buffalo Games – the game of all time. In Chronology, each player builds his or her own timeline of cards. On your turn, someone will read you a historical event from a card. You decide where that event falls in your timeline. If you are right, you keep the card and your timeline grows. The first player to build a timeline of 10 cards wins!

A Historical First - I Am Not As Smart As I Thought

By: Stephen spelled with a sp

  CHRONOLOGY The Game Where You Make History 

   Chronology – the game where you make history. Most importantly, a secret that I do not tell those outside my close circle of friends is I am at heart, a geek.  Accordingly, some use the term nerd.  Or some say just plain strange.  For that reason, I am all of those.  Later, when trivial pursuit came out, I was on the front lines of playing the game to demonstrate my intelligence at nonsensical facts. Now I can watch Jeopardy on TV and relate to brilliant players who get all the correct answers, like that guy Ken Jennings who dominated players game after game. Unfortunately, I fail at being invited to join Mensa.  


   So far my saving grace is history.  I can remember dates and events that few can match.  Or at least that is what I thought.  Playing the game Chronology seemed a game that is well suited for someone like me.  The feature that allows all players to compete whether history is a subject they excel at, one can still compete.  A player reads a card’s topic and then you guess where it goes on your personal timeline.  First player that reaches 10 cards in their timeline wins.  A wrong guess allows other players to take turns to guess and add it to their own timelines. 


For example, do you know where the year of Disneyland opening fits on a timeline?  I was thinking some point in the 60’s.  1955?  That was a few years before I was born.  As with most historical dates.  So a certain level of educational  guessing factors into playing the game.  The bikini?  Again, I am thinking the decade of the 60’s.  The decades before that seemed not ready for prime time so the risk of saying an earlier year would be impractical.  Would 1946 shock you?  It shocked me.  To the core.  

   This is not a game to play night after night.  But it had enough unique features that it receives an almost 5 stars on Amazon.  Worth playing but the kiddos might get frustrated.  Best to limit the game to those college and above.  

History Professor