ZOO MANIA - A Wild Family Card Game

America’s Wildest Card Game

Match color, wild animal, number or play a wild card.  Zoo Mania has action-provoking wild cards: Stampede, Danger, Hide, Escape, where players choose their victims.

  • 110 cards


  • visual discrimination
  • strategic thinking

Go On A ZOO...fari.

By: E.T.

   ZOO MANIA – America’s Wild & Crazy Card Game that is great for both the young ones, parents, grandparents, all…without getting tiresome.  The 4 cards that make this game special are: Stampede- zoo animals running toward you to penalize a player 3 cards. Danger-yes…it is true, there is danger and this card makes players pick a penalty card when chosen. Hide-losing your turn is never fun and can set you back as others play their cards.  

What makes this game so easy, fun, and ripe for a great family night is all ages can play immediately with it taking less than 5 minutes to learn.  Colors? Check.  Numbers? Check? Whimsical Wild Animals? Check. Now start laying your cards down to win the game. Easy as pie.  Not sure about that cliche because I find making pie difficult.  But easy means easy.

What is the catch?  You get to pick the victims.  When you have a wild card and decide to play it, you can penalize any player at the table.  Pick on mom, dad, sister, brother, or whoever needs to be prevented from getting too confident. 

As a game that is small and handy in packaging, it carries a wallop in terms of using the old principle of the game crazy eights.   

Me Thinks I Am WIld!