CANASTA Caliente An Original Version of Canasta with custom cards.

Canasta burst onto the scene in 1950 and created the biggest card game craze to ever hit the country. Millions were (and are) captivated by the tantalizing twists of this great game and its romantic South American origin.

Game play is authentic. Your partnership aims to score 5,000 points by laying down sets of cards and adding to them. Claiming the Prize pile can make your point total soar. Freezing the Prize pile helps to thwart your opponents. Form a Canasta (7 or more cards of the same type) then go out to claim your bonuses. Play with the special (optional) Caliente (“hot”) cards and add an exciting 21st century variation to the game.

A Trip To South America to Play Cards

By: Sasha


  Approximately 80 years ago, a couple of guys in the South American country Uruguay devised a rummy card game involving partnerships which quickly became a classic.  As a result, it took 10 years before the game gained popularity in the United States with Canasta leagues and clubs sprouting up in many major metropolitan cities.  


  For that reason, one variation which I have learned to love is Canasta Caliente.  First, the artwork is fabulous. Second, the cards are colorful and original. As an example, the exotic flavor of being in a South American country.  That is to say spicy peppers, amazon river fish, parrots and butterflies.  Hence, the images are unlike any other card game on the market.  


  When the original Canasta game burst on the scene it quickly replaced “Bridge” as the biggest card game craze to hit the US.  Immediately, millions were captivated by the tantalizing twists of Canasta and the unique flavor of South America.   Now we have a variation to Canasta that adds a 21st Century update.  With special caliente cards. And one great feature is that the points are listed on the cards with bonus cards clearly labeled as well as the wild cards.


   If I was to sum up why Canasta is so enjoyable, I would start with the calculations and strategies used to maximize your points and still use the rummy standard of “going out” before the other players.  In Canasta Caliente you are always after the 7 card Natural Canasta hand which is the major point accumulation.  Points can be earned with a mixed Canasta which includes wild cards or a Natural Canasta which does not have wilds.   


Either way, Rummy or not….for under $10….you can set aside hours of play. One complaint is that a specialty card game like Canasta Caliente might not last as long as a standard poker deck. There might be truth to that since many card players have standard poker card decks they used for 20, 30, 40 years. Got it…you can always use a regular deck of cards to play Canasta.  The only difference is the Caliente cards.  And that is ok.  Rummy games are well established among card players worldwide.  Rummy never grows outdated.  But for that small twist….and for 2 Starbuck coffees, you have a Canasta variation that adds some flavor to an entertaining evening.  

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